Privacy & Security

Your ease of mind over security is very important to us.

When you make a purchase on our site, you are placing your trust in us. And we’d like to reward that trust by making sure that information such as credit card numbers and personal information will be kept safe from interception and any other form of misuse. Our site is safe and secure. To achieve this we are use the best SSL software on the market to encrypt the information provided on our secure pages.

What is an SSL Certificate?

An “SSL” is software that encrypts the messages flowing to and from the Web page it protects. This keeps potential cyber abusers from “overhearing” any exchange between that Web page and another computer. At its most basic, an SSL Certificate is a piece of software that encrypts all information moving to and from the Certificate holder’s websit

What are the benefits of having an SSL Certificate?

1. SSL Certificates keep hides names, addresses, passwords, credit card numbers, and other details from cyber crooks.

2. An SSL Certificate is required by most merchant account services

3. SSL Certificates inspire trust.

How will I know the website is safe?

The browser will tell you. When a visitor enters an SSL-protected page on a website, their browser bar displays a padlock and https:// prefix. This tells visitors it’s safe to send private information on the website.

What happens when you create an account?

If you create an account with this means you can choose to receive emails about changes to our policies, our terms and conditions, any changes to our website, new products, promotions, shipping or other relevant information. You can of course also choose not to receive such information if you prefer.

Do we share your information with third parties?

No, we don’t do this.

Do We Use Cookies?

Like most websites uses ‘Cookies’, which enable us to remember you from yourprevious visit. These cookies do not store any personal information about you.

Purchase Information.

We will keep a record of the purchases you make through our website. From time to time we may simply use this data to help us better understand your purchasing habits, present you with relevant product choices to ensure a better online shopping experience on our website.
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