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No Scrum No WIn Pubs

The No Scrum No Win "Cub House" Bar & Restaurants

Rugby players and supporters like to train and play hard, but also like to hang out, eat good food, listen to good music, sing (!) and enjoy a cool beer! As a rugby player you are likely to have fond memories of some wild days & nights in your team clubhouse! That's what inspired the "No Scrum No Win Club House" bars!

"This is the best rugby pub in Paris"

"Thanks for the greet memories - we'll be back next year!"

"The atmosphere in this place is absolutely crazy!"

We opened our first "Club House" in Paris in October 2018 and our second, also in Paris, in December 2019. The atmosphere is 100% rugby. The concept is a unique mix of a club dressing room, a rugby club house and a bar!

Next time in Paris be sure to drop in!

Future Development

Our plan is to develop this side of the business quickly and replicate the "Club House" concept with additional openings in Paris, France and beyond.

If you are Interested in opening a "No Scrum No Win Club House" in your city, get in touch.

Meanwhile, here is some info about the Paris bars:


21, rue Godot de Mauroy

32, rue de Londres






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