Beauty and a Scrum Beast

Beauty and a Scrum Beast

When you hear someone described as a "Scrum beast" I'm guessing you are thinking of someone who has at least 30 internationals under his belt! As we approach the end of the rugby season (at least in the Northern hemisphere) we thought we’d take a change of angle and draw your attention to someone who has caught our attention ! Rugby scrums are a place of dark arts, brute force and strength and let’s be honest, the place we typically associate with male rugby players. But that’s not always the case. Plenty of women play rugby, and plenty of women are also a force to be reckoned with in the scrum! Our featured player for this post, Angela Elena Stadelmann is such an example. Angela (Angie) not only plays in the scrum but she also plays her rugby in Switzerland, a land not very well known in more traditional rugby circles. She may look like a latino diva now, but I can assure you that you don’t want to treat this lady with a lack of respect based on her looks! Her story is worthy of a quick read.

From dirt and trees to the rugby field

As a young girl Angie was not to be found playing indoors with Barbie dolls. Instead she enjoyed the freedom of the outdoors. Climbing trees and rolling around in the dirt were more her thing. These skills would stand to her later on the rugby pitch! Her first taste of rugby came when she was 9 years old in the local girl scouts. But the experience was short lived and she had to wait until she was 19 to rediscover the game with the club in her town. Since then there’s been no looking back!

Not the cool kid

As Angie explained to us, she was not exactly the cool kid in school. Though difficult to believe now (!!) Angie’s teenage years were often troubled by weight problems. But rugby gave her a way out. It gave her the motivation to change and to drive herself hard. This meant hard hours spent in the gym and on the rugby field. Over the years she became tougher and stronger both physically and mentally.

Forging character

Fast forward to today, and Angie is a fully accomplished athlete and rugby player. At 32 years of age, and 77kgs, she is a lean machine. Her club rugby is with the DANGELS LUZERN club in Switzerland. And on top of that Angie also plays with the Swiss Rugby national ladies team!! She plays as TIGHTHEAD PROP which also helps explain how she caught our interest :) As Angie says it’s not just the rugby, it’s all that goes with it: the training, the recovery, the character building, the self confidence, the teammates, and the overall healthy lifestyle. Angie takes care of her body now - food is fuel - and it shows. scrum_beast

Nothing compares to the perfect scrum

When asked about playing in the scrum, Angie’s answer left us with no doubt about her passion for the sport and for playing in the 8 up front: “I love the force of the scrum and once you have the perfect scrum there is nothing like it. As as forward I enjoy the intense contact and to fight for something”. She also added that saying which so many forwards are familiar with “forwards decide who wins the game, backs decide by how much”. We could not agree more ! We are big fans of Angie’s - we love her toughness and at the same time she’s not shy about her feminine side either. Her story is inspiring and it’s the kind we like here at NSNW. People with character. Character that often derives from the motivation to change yourself. But change is easy to talk about, few actually get up and do it. Many people take the easier option but Angie took the tough road — and it paid off.

Follow Angie on Instagram

If you’d like to follow Angie on social media here is where you will find her on Instagram under the name “@elenaangierugby”
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